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Ramen Bowl with Hidden Storage

Ramen Bowl with Hidden Storage

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Ah, behold the majestic Ramen Bowl with Shrimp, Nori, and Green Onions!
Its steamy broth, a liquid symphony of umami flavors, dances around plump shrimp that GLOW IN THE DARK!
And don't forget the nori - those paper-thin sheets of seaweed that look like they're trying to be the Ramen Bowl's cape.
Finally, the green onions, those spunky little guys that add a pop of color and flavor, standing tall like they're the Ramen Bowl's cheering squad.
It's a true feast for the eyes with a bonus secret compartment to stash away secret treats.

Ramen Noodles are light peach.
Egg Yolk is painted yellow.
Shrimp is glow in the dark with painted pink highlights.
Chopstick bands are black with glow in the dark glitter flecks
Nori is brown, Egg is white and Green Onions.

Pick your Favorite bowl and Chopstick Colors from the options.

Message me with your custom creation ideas.

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The file was created by Holoprops and is available as part of his Patreon including the license to see 3D Prints of his designs.
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