3D Printed Toys for Tots 2024

🎅✨ It's that magical time of year again! ✨🎅 We’re back as official Santa Elves, and the 3D printing toy factory is in full swing!

Since 2018, a nationwide network of 3D printing elves has been creating thousands of toys for donation to Toys for Tots chapters across the country—all thanks to the amazing coordination by IC3D. Last year, 407 Printer Elves crafted a whopping 135,777 toys! 🎁✨

This is our third year joining the elf brigade, and we’re proud to be a regional Elf Hub manager for the second year. This means we get to print, collect and inspect 3D printed toys from other elves in our area and deliver them to the Toys for Tots Stark County, Ohio Chapter, spreading joy to our local community! 🎄

Our workshop is buzzing with creativity, and we use filament from our inventory to bring these toys to life. We've been super lucky to have friends and family donate filament to keep the toy-making magic alive. Want to join the fun and help us out? We’ve made a wish list of filament colors on Amazon. Your donation will help us create even more smiles this holiday season! 🎅🎁🛷

Check out our wish list and become a part of the 3D Printing Elf family: Amazon Wish List


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